About Us

BSC is an inspiring success in textiles business from a humble beginning in 1938. When our founder Shri B.S.Nanjundappa opened a textile shop in Kalikadevi Road, few would have imagined that it would endure for generations to come. But then he was determined to build a reputation on the premises of quality & affordability, something that instantly appealed to people in and around the region. Soon the good word spread around, and BSC became the first choice for family textiles shopping.

Building on his father’s reputation, Mr. B.S.Channabasappa went about popularizing BSC across the length & breadth of Karnataka. He introduced the concept of ‘Sarees for every occasion’. He backed his decision with a network of renowned suppliers of Sarees from across the country. As a result, BSC became the centre of attraction for Saree shopping. Eventually, BSC emerged as a famous showroom for wedding textiles in the entire state of Karnataka. BSC is proud to have adorned many a wedding ceremonies, special occasions, and festival celebrations with finest clothes.

The successive generations have given BSC a touch of exclusivity with separate showrooms for men, women & Kids. The present generation management has gone a step further to accommodate fashion preferences of the youth also. Just as the city of Davangere evolves into being urbane, BSC too has reciprocated with trendy showrooms in PJ Extension & Dental College Road. Thus, from a modest beginning in 1938 to being the home of family, wedding, and fashion apparels, BSC has come a long way in earning customers’ trust.

B.S.Channabasappa & Sons, since 1938
1898 - 2002

B.S.Nanjundappa is the founder who dreamt and inspired others to dream big. Though he started with a modest showroom in 1938, his determination transformed BSC into a well-known family textile showroom in Davangere. People who knew him closely attributed BSC’s prominence to his values that overrode profit motives. Nanjundappa believed in earning customers’ trust through quality & affordability – a vision that he followed dearly during his life-time. It is the same vision that has inspired generations of people at BSC.

1924 – 1997

B.S.Channabasappa is the co-founder, who created a unique identity for BSC. When he took over the mantle, his immediate priority was to popularize value-for-money sarees. Therefore, he made it a commitment to source best quality & varieties from across the country. His decision became so popular that people made it a priority to buy sarees from BSC. His reading of customers’ pulse was so right that BSC became famous for sarees for all occasions. Thus B.S. Channabasappa built a reputation for BSC, which would pave the way for one of the biggest success in textile business in the entire state of Karnataka.


The most versatile among B.S.Channabasappa’s sons, Umapathy was a natural selection to lead BSC into the next level of popularity. His leadership qualities have had a profound impact on BSC’s growth, fortunes and fame. Under his able guidance, BSC has further intensified customer-focus, and grown into a professionally-managed textile business entity. It is a testimony to his dedication that BSC is the most famous showroom for shopping wedding & family textiles in the entire state of Karnataka. Umapathy has truly been a mentor whom the BSC clan has looked up to for advice in decision-making, finance, expansion, and more importantly the art of customer satisfaction.


Chandrashekar assumes the next responsible role in the organization. He comes across a man with work ethics and insatiable appetite for innovation. He is the brain behind BSC’s evolution into being the foremost textile showroom in the entire state of Karnataka. Chandrashekar has truly made the erstwhile BSC showroom into a textile super market with separate sections for men, women, and children. Never a man to rest on past laurels, he is always busy chalking out plans for BSC’s expansion into lucrative markets.


There is a distinctive character to Shivakumar’s role in BSC’s success. At BSC, he is seen as a man with passion for brands. It is this fascination that has brought choicest of national & international brands to Davangere. His choices of brands have struck the right chord with brand-conscious youth. BSC’s first exclusive showroom at PJ Extension is a testimony to BSC’s emergence as brand center under Shivakumar’s shrewd direction. Encouraged by the response, Shivakumar is determined to enhance the goodwill through renewed customer-focus.


Shekar is a new-age entrepreneur who has brought a fresh wave of thinking and direction to BSC. He has been instrumental in BSC’s make-over into a family shopping center with the inclusion of ladies & kids wear. The newly-launched BSC Exclusive Store near Dental College Road is a prime example. His wealth of wisdom has contributed immensely to BSC’s value-system & revenues. Shekar dreams of making BSC a fashion hub & is excited about exploring newer fashion frontiers in & beyond Davangere.


Vivek is the latest addition to an illustrious team of directors at BSC. He finds himself in good hands who could mentor him as a potential leader for future. As a young man with a curious demeanor, Vivek is seen as an ideal investment for BSC’s future. Having been brought up in business environment, he is familiar with textile business nuisances. His keenness to learn & master the traits augurs well for BSC’s future.