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B.S. Channabasappa & sons, established in 1938, is one of the most trusted brands for clothing in Karnataka.

BS Nanjundappa

BS Nanjundappa

BS Channabasappa

BS Channabasappa

B.S. Nanjundappa, the founder, started selling clothes, with a strict moral code. He believed that the customer is God, and they have to be given the best. This policy stuck with B.S.C. He named the store after his son B.S. Channabasappa, who also followed his father’s footsteps. The idea was to give customers high quality at the best price. Both of them believed in the importance of ethics and morals in business. As a result, B.S. Channabasappa & sons developed generations of loyal customers.

It became a tradition to buy clothes at B.S.C. for weddings, there are generations of marriages shopped at B.S.C.

B.S.C. has stores that spread across 100,000 square feet, making it one of the biggest stores in Karnataka.

Third Generation

B.C. Umapthy, son of B.S. Channabasappa, joined the business at a very young age and helped his father and grandfather to build the company with great determination. He believes in the importance of human touch in business.

B.C. Chandrashekar, the next in line, entered with the goal of making B.S.C. a household name in the state. He has implemented a lot of innovative ideas in the business. His passion for what he does inspires many at the firm.

B.C.Shivakumar, the younger of all, joined business and developed men’s clothing. Also, thus, began the introduction and expansion of different categories of clothing.

Fourth Generation

B.U.C. Shekar, being the first of the fourth generation, has been instrumental in the introduction of ready-made clothing. He is the mind behind the new ideas and the expansion of the company.

B.C.Vivek and B.S.Mrunal are the latest in the fourth generation and do believe in serving customers with high quality clothes in the best possible way. While implementing modern ideas of business, the fourth generation believes in the importance of keeping the framework that predecessors have given.


Wide variety of products under one roof, high quality at best prices.


B.S.C. started expanding its business, and by 2016, it had three branches across Davangere.

B.S. Channabasappa & Sons on Kalikadevi Road is the oldest, and it is the headquarters. Sarees, ladies wear, kids and men’s wear have dedicated blocks. It is one of the biggest stores in Karnataka that has all categories in one place.

B.S. Channabasappa & Sons on A.V.K. College Road has men’s, ladies and kids wear, and home furnishings; individual buildings dedicated to categories.

B.S.C. Exclusive on dental college road, being the latest to the addition, has a wide range of clothing that covers world-class brands in readymade, along with an exclusive collection of sarees, a vast floor dedicated to kids wear, toys, and home furnishings.

Being in business for over 80 years, B.S.C. has become the best choice for wedding shopping, festive shopping, or any occasional shopping.

B.S.C. aims at continuing to gain customer trust and satisfaction.

BSCFASHION is the latest venture that aims at serving people throughout India with the same quality and trust that B.S.C. promises.

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